J. Yardley Photography | About
My photographic work currently focuses on nature, portraits, and events. I have broad interests and a strong preference for black and white and antique-toned images that evoke a timeless emotion and energy no matter the subject. My work is currently based in the beautiful Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts.

When I graduated from college, I asked for a camera. That was 1997. I received a film camera. That first summer was a wonderful field season outside in Southeastern Massachusetts, always with my camera beside me, and many print images to catalog. For the next 14 years I spent time taking documentary photos of land conservation work, but leaving much of the soul of photography at the sidelines. In 2011, I decided to change that and began to engage my passion for photography and it's creative process in a uniquely personal way with J. Yardley Photography. What a fantastic journey it is!

I have degrees in Botany, Interdisciplinary Studies, Environmental Management (Sustainability focus). Beyond that, I have numerous interests and passions that build a tapestried road through my life. I like to think that photography ties them all together and teaches me about life along the way.

If you have question about my work, are looking to hire a photographer, or are interested in purchasing some of my work, I invite you to contact me.

Photo credit: Christopher Shanti Burkey